Ridesharing or carpooling network
to help many peope

Also other unrelated plans projects and websites with solutions to help people

Solutions and warnings about our problems.

Many Benifits

 Reduces congestion and traffic

 Reduces pollution and helps the environment

  Reduces wear and tare on roads and vehicles

 Saves both the driver and passenger money

 Increases safety for the driver and passenger

A ridesharng or carpooling network could be used to transport either people or parcels.  We could help share petrol costs or pay people to pick up a parcel.  

Buses and couriers often do not travel at a suitable time or to a suitable location and are not affordable for many people.  Car sharing has many benefits for both the driver and passenger.  The passenger could help the driver with petrol costs and navigating the journey.  They could also watch for traffic or warn the driver of dangerous situations that they do not notice.  They could also help keep the driver alert and talk to them about interesting subjects on straight highways where the driver could go to sleep and have an accident if traveling alone.

Car sharing would also reduce the amount of traffic on the road and hence reduce congestion, travel time, fuel use, pollution and ware and tare on roads and vehicles.  Billions of dollars could be saved.  It is also very costly for people on low incomes to run a car.  A ridesharing network could save thousands of people lapsing into poverty.

The network could work out to be very efficient as the driver may not need to go out of their way.  For example, a parcel could be dropped at a shop or house that is on the side of the main road where the driver travels.  The location of the drop off point could also be a place where the person receiving the parcel also travels past.  This would be likely to work out well if the drop off point is on the side of a main road.  We could work together to find people on the side of the main road that would be happy enough to have a parcel dropped at their business or house.  A passenger could also be dropped at a convenient location near where they need to go and later be picked up.

Do you know anyone interested in this?

Other projects to benifit many people

I also have many other projects and nonprofit groups that I am trying to establish to help many people.  In addition, there are separate websites with rare information, solutions and inventions.  I have separate leaflets, emails or social media messages that I have written which focus on each topic separately.  Are you able to share any of them or do you know anyone that can help?  An overview summary of the different projects is at truesolutions.info .

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